Episode 231:
Zeina Durra & Nascuy Linares on The Music Of Luxor

Our latest guests on Soundtracking are a duo who’ve combined to great effect on the haunting drama and character study, Luxor.

As we’ll hear, writer / director Zeina Durra contacted Venezuelan composer Nascuy Linares somewhat out of the blue to score her film, which tells the story of an aid worker who heads to Egypt to escape the horrors of the civil war in Syria, and runs into an old flame while she’s there. Andrea Riseborough’s performance in the lead role is something to behold, as are the locations and cinematography, so do check all of the above out on home entertainment formats as and when you get a second.

Originally, Zeina didn’t want any incidental music at all, which perhaps informed the ambient, stripped-back aesthetic of Nascuy’s score. But he’s done a beautiful job from beginning to end – capturing both a mood and a sense of place.

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Episode 230:
Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross On Mank, Soul & Other Things!

Our latest guests on Soundtracking are a duo Edith’s been chasing since we started this podcast, so it’s an absolute thrill to finally lure them on.

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross burst onto the film-composing scene with their score for David Fincher’s The Social Network, for which they won an Oscar in 2010. The trio have since joined forces on The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and Gone Girl.

Trent and Atticus’s most recent work can be heard on Fincher’s Mank and Pete Docter’s Soul, which you can watch right now on Netflix and Disney + respectively.

The two films couldn’t be more different and had wildly contrasting musical requirements – which is testimony to the range of their talents.

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Episode 229:
Composer Murray Gold Discusses His Career

Our latest guest on Soundtracking is a composer who’s been nominated for a BAFTA on no fewer than five occasions for his sterling output for television.

Murray Gold is perhaps best-known for his work on Doctor Who, which saw him continue a long-time partnership with top screenwriter, Russell T Davies. The pair first joined forces on Queer as Folk, and have since collaborated on numerous critically celebrated shows such as Years And Years and A Very English Scandal.

Their latest project is It’s A Sin, which premiers on Channel 4 here in the UK on January 22nd. A tale of extreme highs and ghastly lows, it recounts the story of five 18-year-olds who move to London in the early 80s and have their lives turned upside down by the AIDS crisis.

The legend that is Frank Oz also gets a more than honorary mention!

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Episode 228:
Composer Adam Janota Bzowski Discusses Saint Maud

Our latest guest on Soundtracking is a first time film composer who’s smashed his debut score right out of the park.

Adam Janota Bzowski has a background in both music and sound design, and has expertly married the two arts with his work on Rose Glass’s Saint Maud. Garnering widespread critical acclaim, Saint Maud defies categorization, but broadly tells the story of a hospice nurse who becomes obsessed with a former patient in her care, believing she must save her soul. It’s available on home entertainment formats from 1st February, and we suggest you pop a note in your diary for that – as it really is that good.

Adam’s score compliments the unsettling atmosphere of the narrative, script and visuals perfectly – and is an incredibly accomplished first foray into the business.

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Episode 227:
Pete Docter & Tessa Thompson

Happy New Year and what a way to start, with two extraordinarily talented people. Tessa Thompson who I adore and admire has a gorgeous new film out called Sylvie’s Love and then the legend of Pixar, Pete Docter tells us about the intricate nature of music in his new masterpiece, Soul.

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Episode 226:
Andy Burrows

My very dear friend Andy Burrows is our guest on this Christmas edition of the podcast. As well as being one of the worlds best drummers, Andy has composed some pretty impressing music for the screen, both big and small. Snowman And The Snowdog and After Life being a good example. A lovely time was had talking to him about his work.

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Episode 225:
Bruce Springsteen & Thom Zimny On Letter To You

He’s back and what a perfect time of year to have him on the show. The Boss for me is synonymous with Xmas, just for THAT cover. What a treat to have him and Thom back on the show to talk about the amazing new album Letter To You and the gorgeous companion film, which gives us fans a rare insight into the legendary workings of The E-Street Band.

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Episode 224:
Michael Price On Life & Music

I have loved watching and listening to Michael for many years, while the conversation he started during lockdown was utterly inspiring. I am so greatful to finally have him on the podcast and to share his journey with you. I’m also looking forward to having him back on to talk more more.

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Episode 223:
Alan Ball and Viggo Mortensen

We have more brilliant guests for you this week. The legendary Alan Ball who has written and directed a beautiful film called Uncle Frank, talks about his personal journey into making the film. We also talk about writing the awesome American Beauty. And then Viggo Mortensen, who really needs no introduction but who, with his new film Falling, has written, directed, produced, acted and composed this powerful and beautiful piece of work.

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Episode 222:
Sofia Coppola & Alison Brie

I’m very grateful to have Sofia Coppola back on the podcast, to talk about her funny new film, ‘On The Rocks.’ It sees her reunite with Bill Murray who plays Felix, father to Rashida Jones character. The two have fantastic chemistry and is a joy to watch. Then we also have the awesome Alison Brie who is taking steps into Directing with his new Marvel doc project. Marvel 616.

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Episode 220:
Ludwig Göransson on The Mandalorian & Bassam Tariq on Mogul Mowgli

We are spoiling you this week on the podcast with two fantastic creative minds. Ludwig Göransson is back to dive deep into his amazing score for The Mandalorian and take is through what his inspirations were. Then we have writer / director Bassam Tariq who worked with Riz Ahmed on the fantastic Mogul Mowgli.

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Episode 218:
Composer Steven Price

We love when we can connect the dots between guests on the podcast. Steven Price’s fabulous music has featured extensively on the show since we started back in 2016. His versatility as a composer has had impressive results with animation, feature films, documentaries and lots more. I hope this is the first of many episodes with this wonderful, talented man.

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Episode 218:
Nick Frost

FINALLY.. finally we got him on the podcast. Nick Frost, one of my favourite people in the world, who consistently entertains me is this weeks guest. He very kindly came along in person, socially distanced, to the London Podcast Festival to take part in a live record. There is so much music associated with Nick and his performances but his own personal relationship with music is wonderful.

Episode 217:
Ben Wheatley

We will be eternally grateful to Ben Wheatley as he was our first ever guest on Soundtracking, back in August 2016. We whole heartedly welcome him back for his 4th sitting to talk about his fabulous new film, Rebecca. Ben has once again worked with composer Clint Mansell, who has produced THE most stunning score. Wonderful to have Ben back and so very excited about what’s to come.

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