Episode 387:
Hildur Guðnadóttir On The Music Of A Haunting In Venice

She’s back, with that infectious laugh of hers, and we couldn’t be more delighted. Hildur Guðnadóttir is one of my very favourite composers of film music, and she joins me to discuss Kenneth Branagh’s latest take on Agatha Christie, A Haunting In Venice. Darker and more claustrophobic than the previous two Poirot mysteries he directed and starred in, A Haunting In Venice sees the Belgian detective investigate a murder while attending a Halloween seance at a palazzo in the floating city.

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Episode 386:
Charlotte Regan On The Music Of Scrapper

Continuing our recent theme of featuring low-budget British films on Soundtracking, our latest guest is Charlotte Regan, writer and director of the superb Scrapper. Featuring a remarkable central performance by 11-year-old Lola Campbell, Scrapper tells the story of Georgia, who is forced to confront a new domestic reality when, among other things, her estranged father turns up out of nowhere. The film is scored by Patrick Jonsson, who was kind enough to share some of his as yet unreleased cues for us.

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Episode 385:
Ryan Hendrick On The Music Of Mercy Falls

For the second week running, we’re celebrating a low budget British film. Last week, writer/director Neil Maskell and composer Andy Pettitt joined me to discuss Neil’s Klokkenluider, while this week Ryan Hendrick is here to discuss his horror thriller, Mercy Falls. Set in the Scottish Highlands, it sees a group of friends head off in search of a long lost cabin, only for tragedy to strike and carnage to ensue. Mercy Falls is scored by Stephen Wright, and Ryan was very kind to furnish us with a couple of his yet unreleased cues.

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Episode 384:
Neil Maskell & Andy Pettitt On The Music Of Klokkenluider

Director Neil Maskell & Andy Pettitt of Shortwave Set fame join Edith to discuss Neil’s writer / director debut, Klokkenluider, which also saw Andy make his first foray into writing screen music. It’s a cracking chat with two pals who are simply thrilled to have collaborated on a film together.

Episode 383:
Matthew Metcalfe & MIsha Glenny Talk Billion Dollar Heist

We have something slightly different for you on our latest episode of Soundtracking, as I’m joined by producer Matthew Metcalfe and journalist and organised and cyber crime expert Misha Glenny, author of McMafia and Dark Market. They joined me separately to discuss Billion Dollar Heist, a documentary about one of the most daring cyber heists of all time – the Bangladeshi Central Bank Theft

Episode 382:
Paul Saunderson On His Score For Earth

Our latest episode of Soundtracking is with composer Paul Saunderson, who has scored the BBC documentary Earth, which is available to watch now on the BBC iPlayer. Hosted by the wonderful Chris Packham, the show explores some of the most significant moments in our planet’s history, from asteroid bombardments to extreme changes in climate to the collision of continents, using groundbreaking science and effects. The fact there are informed recreations of seismic events in the past affords Paul plenty of scope to push the sonic envelope – almost as if he were scoring a science fiction film rather than a traditional documentary. The results are magnificent.

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Episode 380:
Kathryn Ferguson On Sinéad O’Connor

In a change to our billed interview with Ludwig Göransson, we’re putting out Edith’s chat with Kathryn Ferguson. Kathryn directed the Sinéad O’Connor documentary, Nothing Compares, which very specifically concentrates on the tumultuous period in her life between 1987 and 1993, during which she became a global sensation, but also the victim of a character assassination in the media, having spoken out against abuse in the Catholic church. In a cruel twist of fate, Kathryn and Edith spoke just three days before Sinéad passed away, but – with Kathryn’s blessing – we thought it timely that we share the story of the beautiful, powerful and illuminating film.

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Episode 379:
Christopher Nolan On The Music Of Oppenheimer

Recorded before the SAG strike began, our latest guest on Soundtracking is the legend that is Christopher Nolan. Criminally, it’s the first opportunity Edith has had to speak to him on the podcast, so it was an absolute joy to welcome him on to discuss Oppenheimer, which sees him reunited with our good friend, Ludwig Göransson.

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Episode 378:
Greta Gerwig On The Music Of Barbie

In an interview recorded before the actors strike began, Greta Gerwig returns to Soundtracking for a third time, to discuss the music of her extraordinary take on Barbie, which is witty, funny, smart and cerebral. Among the many points for discussion are Mark Ronson’s involvement, who has a key hand to play in both the score and frankly incredible soundtrack.

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Episode 375:
Charlie Brooker On The Music Of Black Mirror

As promised, we have a bonus episode of Soundtracking for you this week, as the brilliant Charlie Brooker joins me to discuss the inimitable Black Mirror. All 6 episodes of the new season are available to watch on Netflix now, and do not disappoint. Music is a central part of the show, from the needle drops to the composers he’s employed, including friends of the show Daniel Pemberton, Max Richter & Clint Mansell.

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Episode 374:
Wes Anderson On The Music Of Asteroid City

Bit of a legend alert for you now, as we welcome the genius that is Wes Anderson to Soundtracking. Wes’s latest offering is quite difficult to describe in a few words. But suffice to say it is laugh-out-loud funny in parts, incredibly moving in others, features a terrific ensemble cast, and once again sees him work with composer Alexandre Desplat and our Jarvis Cocker.

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Episode 373:
Lesley Mackie & Gary Carpenter On The Wicker Man

We are celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Wicker Man this week in the company of Lesley Mackie and Gary Carpenter. Lesley appeared as Daisy, while Gary was the film’s associate music director, who helped assemble the band Magnet, who performed the songs composed by Paul Giovanni.

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