Episode 211:
Harry Gregson-Williams

The variety of composing work undertaken by Harry Grenson-Williams is extraordinary. It’s quite clear that he cherishes what he does, not just in the music he makes but the relationships forged along the way, from his mentor Hans Zimmer to the regular work with the Scott brothers and everything on top. Harry is fantastic company and I hope you enjoy our chat.

Episode Music Playlist

Episode 210:
Ludwig Göransson

This weeks guest is someone I’ve been so excited about speaking to, for a very long time. Ludwig Göransson has composed some of my favourite music over the past few years and his work in film and tv has been extraordinary. The score for TENET is so intrinsically weaved into the the texture of the film, it almost breathes for it. What a lovely man Ludwig is and I hope this is the first of many episodes with him on Soundtracking.

Episode Music Playlist

Episode 208:
Glen Ballard

It would take me a very long time to list the work of Glen Ballard. You might not recognise the name, but you will have definitely heard his work, be that as a Songwriter, Producer or Composer. This year he celebrates 25 years since the release of Jagged Little Pill, the album he co-wrote and produced with Alanis Morissette. We can also luxuriate in his latest project The Eddy, a Jazz based drama which was created and composed by Glen, while being written by Jack Thorne and produced by Damien Chazelle. Hope you enjoy listening to the wonderful Glen Ballard.

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Episode 207:
Terence Blanchard talks Spike Lee & more

This week we have the hugely talented and wonderfully enthusiastic Terence Blanchard, who not only is the go-to guy for Spike Lee but also a virtuoso Trumpeter. It was wonderful to get the chance to talk with Terence about how he started working with Spike and what he sees as the role of music in film.

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Episode 206:
Pixar’s Dan Scanlon

I would not have survived lockdown without Disney +. Fact! My kids and I have watched so much of the content, both entertaining and educational. One of the new films we were really excited about was Onward, written and directed by this weeks guest on the podcast, Dan Scanlon. Dan has a long history with Pixar, working his way up from story artists to Director. Onward is a very personal story and journey for him and we are thrilled to have him with us to share his vision.

Episode Music Playlist

Episode 205:
Jessica Swale

I am so excited to have the opportunity to celebrate the return to cinema with one of the first films to open the doors to theatres. A fantastic debut feature from award-winning Playwright and Theatre Director, Jessica Swale. Summerland is written and directed by Jess and is a beautiful film, in cinemas for 2 weeks, so go and see it and luxuriate in the stunning score by Volker Bertelmann.

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Episode 204:
Rob Delaney

Rob Delaney is everything you want him to be, and then some! I can’t thank him enough for taking the time to talk to me not once, but twice for the podcast. A major technical F&%$ up meant that our first chat was nowhere to be found, Rob was more than willing to sit through the second sitting of my ramblings. I hope you enjoy the results.

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Episode 203:
Amma Asante

Sometimes you meet someone and everything about them is almost physically inspiring. Amma Asante is one of those extraordinary humans, her positivity and truthful storytelling are incredible. It is such an honour to have her on the podcast to talk about her brilliant work and the role music has played in her journey.

Episode Music Playlist

Episode 202:
Patrick Doyle

It was like catching up with a long lost relative, chatting to legendary composer Patrick Doyle. The man has worked with some of the best and you can tell instantly he still gets such a thrill from making music for film. He is back again with long term collaborator Kenneth Branagh for his latest project, the adaptation of Artemis Fowl. I hope you are filled with joy after listening to Patrick and I chat.

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Episode 201:
David Dobkin on Eurovision Comedy

We all need a good laugh at the minute, could I please point you in the direction of a film starring Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams as a pair of Iceland pop stars with dreams of winning the Eurovision Song Contest. Good, I promise Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, will have you reaching for the remote to rewatch musical numbers you never thought you’d want to watch in the first place. It’s brilliant. David Dobkin has done a fantastic job with something pretty complicated and tricky to get right. He’s nailed it.

Episode Music Playlist

Episode 199:
Simon Bird and Stuart Murdoch

We love getting out and about to record the podcast in front of a live audience. The last chance we had to do that was at the Glasgow Film Festival back in February where Simon Bird was showcasing his fantastic feature debut, Days of the Bagnold Summer. As you will hear it was a dream come true for Simon to have music from Belle and Sebastian score his film.

Episode Music Playlist

Episode 197:
Jakob Dylan & Andrew Slater On Echo In The Canyon

It’s a lovely synergy on this weeks episode as it was a film that inspired Andrew Slater and Jakob Dylan to explore the Laurel Canyon scene in 60’s LA. Jacques Demy’s 1969 Model Shop was the catalyst for the Andrew and Jakob to Explore the music of that time, speaking with artists who were are the heartbeat of a scene that still influences so many.

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Episode 196:
Nisha Ganatra talks The High Note, Late Night, Girls and More.

The High Note is a great film! It’s really funny, it’s fuelled my already borderline obsession with Tracee Ellis Ross and has some cracking tunes to. Nisha is a bit of a polymath, having worked across all kinds of productions as a Writer, Actor and Director. I loved chatting to her and I really enjoyed watching her new film.

Episode Music Playlist

Episode 195:
Composers Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein On The Music Of Stranger Things

I think when I first watched Stranger Things, the music was a very important reason as to why I enjoyed the show so much. Something wonderfully nostalgic but equally new and fresh , connected and made an impression. I’ve been trying for a long time to get Kyle and Michael on the show and I’m so glad we finally made it happen.

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Episode 194:
Nitin Sawhney In Lockdown!

I think it would take at least 10 episodes of Soundtracking to get close to addressing the impressive body of work that Nitin has made for us. From Films to Games, Theatre to Dance, he is someone who can never be pigeonholed or predictable in what he does. I love spending time with him and it was a real treat to sit down remotely and talk about his new work and touch on some of his historic pieces.

Episode Music Playlist

Track of the Week:
Doves – M62 Song – Four Tet Remix

Doves were, are, one of my favourite bands. To give me hope that one day they will properly reform and release album after album they have released a new EP. It’s called Remnants II and features Brazil, an acoustic version of There Goes the Fear and this, an incredible version of M62 song. It’s also made me go back and remember how much I love their music. Do the same immediately.

Album of the Week:
Bob Dylan – Rough and Rowdy Ways

This isn’t out till June 19th but Bob has already released 3 new tracks and I can’t wait to hear the whole record. The storytelling is phenomenal, even from these 3 songs and particularly for now, we need our creative voices to have a purpose and address really important, life threatening issues, he’s doing that in spades. Who else is releasing near 17 minute long pieces of art that really make you pay attention? Murder Most Foul is breathtaking, Go listen and prepare to amazed by Dylan once again.

Soundtrack of the Week:
Devs – Geoff Barrow, Ben Salisbury & The Insects

Have you watched the latest visual & neurological treat from Alex Garland yet? Devs is brilliant, even though i’m still not sure I fully understand half of it. I love to be challenged in this way with a TV Show. And one thing he always pays very close attention to is the music, be that score or needle drops. Working once again with Geoff and Ben, with help from The Insects has provided a pitch perfect, stunning piece. Available digitally now and Vinyl coming soon via Invada Records.

Episode 193:
Geoff Barrow & Redg Weeks on Invada Records

I could have talked to these two for hours, such fun and such a brilliant story of how Invada Records has become one of the most important labels when it comes to Film and TV Soundtracks. Geoff is such a character and it was great to get him to talk briefly about his work on the fantastic score for Devs, along with Ben Salisbury and The Insects. While Redg totally underplays the part their label has played in the continuing success of soundtracks. Honoured to shine a light on this brilliant label.

Episode Music Playlist

Track of the Week:
Willie J Healey – True Stereo

I was and still am a huge fan of The Maccabees so anything that comes from their camp, I’m listening to. Their label Yala Records has some fantastic artists on their roster. I’ve only just come across Willie J Healey after Felix posted about this new track, True Stereo. It’s got a wonderful George Harrison vibe to it, really melodic and full of summer feel good vibes. I’m incredibly excited for the album coming in August.


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Album of the Week:
Laura Marling – Songs For Our Daughter

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of talking with Isobel Waller-Bridge for Soundtracking. As we were discussing all the things that were helping us through self isolation, she pointed out that she’d been listening to ‘Rambling Man’, from Laura Marling’s 2010 album, ‘I Speak Because I Can’. I had a sudden rush of excitement to revisit this gorgeous piece of work, something that had been misplaced in my head for quite some time. Both Isobel and I, immediately longing for new material from Laura. As if by magic, the very next morning I opened my emails and there, in my in-box, was a message from someone from her label, with a link to a new album. What an incredible piece of music, what a beautiful and heartfelt story she was written. This feels like a very good example of what an album can really achieve, take you on a journey both emotionally and sonically from start to finish. Please find the time to enjoy it from start to finish, without any interruptions and then you’ll want to go back and do it all over again. Thank you Laura.