Episode 312:
Lykke Li & Theo Lindquist Discuss Her Audiovisual Album, EYEYE

Our latest guests on Soundtracking have combined to great effect on an audiovisual album that specifically set out to challenge the conventions of the traditional music video.

Lykke Li enlisted the services of experimental filmmaker Theo Lindquist to shoot a series of one minute loops, which accompany the songs on her latest album EYEYE. The results are utterly hypnotic, beautiful and moving – as you can see for yourself online.

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Episode 311:
Colin Trevorrow On Michael Giacchino’s Score For Jurassic World Dominion

Our latest guest on Soundtracking is the man responsible for one of the blockbusting cinematic events of the summer.

Colin Trevorrow has played a part in the last 3 Jurassic movies – World, Fallen Kingdom and now World Dominion, which he co-wrote and directed.

The film is scored by friend of the show Michael Giacchino – and you’ll hear plenty of his work throughout.

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Episode 310:
Anne Dudley Discusses Her Career

Our latest guest on Soundtracking is someone we’ve been trying to get on for a very long time.

Anne Dudley made her name in Art Of Noise, and has since gone on to score numerous films, including The Full Monty, for which she won an Oscar. She’s also collaborated with some of the biggest names in pop music, from Tina Turner and Elton John to George Michael and Liza Minelli.

We also discuss her latest solo album, Crossing The Bar.

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Episode 309:
Joe Kosinski & Jerry Bruckheimer On The Music Of Top Gun: Maverick

Now, as you’re probably aware, Top Gun: Maverick has hit cinemas, a full 36 years after Mav, Goose, Iceman and co. first took to the skies.

And to mark the occasion, we’re rather giddy and excited to welcome director Joe Kosinski and the legend that is Jerry Bruckheimer to the podcast to discuss the iconic music of the original and how they retained the spirit of said music in the sequel. Suffice to say, they got a little help on that front from our old friends, Hans Zimmer & Lorne Balfe …

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Episode 308:
Harry & Rupert Gregson-Williams On The Gilded Age

Our latest guests on soundtracking are not only composers, but also brothers, who between them have built up an extraordinary body of work for both film and television.

Indeed, it’s on the small screen that Harry and Rupert Gregson-Williams have joined forces for only the second time, on Julian Fellowes’ New York high society drama, The Gilded Age.

We’ll talk about that and several of the other projects they’ve been involved with, including Catch-22 for George Clooney.

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Episode 307:
Actor Jack Lowden On His Relationship With Music

We have a brilliant actor for you this week, who we think is about to go stratospheric. Jack Lowden should be the next James Bond, in Edith’s opinion, but in the meantime you can watch him in Dunkirk, England Is Mine, Fighting With My Family, Slow Horses, and, as of this week, Benediction.

He loves his music and also spins a great yarn – all of which makes for a very entertaining listen.

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Episode 306:
Lucy Bright, Matthew Herbert and Roland Joffé On Ennio Morricone

Something slightly different for you this week, as we reflect on a new documentary about the life of Ennio Morricone in the company of three admirers.

The film is called Ennio, and features contributions from the man himself and the likes of Quentin Tarantino, John Williams, Clint Eastwood and Hans Zimmer, as well as one of of my guests today – director of The Mission, Roland Joffé

Alongside Roland are composer, Matthew Herbert, and music supervisor, Lucy Bright, in what’s a really fascinating discussion.

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Episode 305:
Mark Mothersbaugh Discusses His Career

Our latest guest on soundtracking is a musician, artist, cultural icon and film, TV and video game composer – who’s been plying his trade for 50-odd years.

Among Mark Mothersbaugh’s many credits are Rugrats, Thor Ragnarok, Lego movies and several Wes Anderson films – though you’d be reading this for about half an hour if we were to list every single one of the projects he’s been involved with.

Rest assure, we cover as much ground as we can!

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Episode 304:
Robert Eggers On The Music Of The Northman

Our latest guest on Soundtracking is a writer / director who made an extremely promising start to his career with acclaimed horrors The Witch and The Lighthouse – both of which Edith loves.

Robert Eggers has followed these up with The Northman, a visceral Viking epic based on the Scandinavian legend of Amleth. The film is scored by Robin Carolan and Sebastian Gainsborough, and you’ll hear plenty of their work and more music sprinkled throughout the conversation.

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Episode 303:
David Newman Talks West Side Story

Our latest guest on Soundtracking is a man whose father, Alfred, blazed a trail for film scoring in Hollywood, while his brother, Thomas, has been nominated for 15 Oscars. Oh yes, and his cousin happens to be called Randy, which, when your surname is Newman, means you come from quite the musical dynasty …

David Newman is also a hugely respected composer, who joined Edith to discuss his work as an adapter and arranger on Steven Spielberg’s glorious remake of West Side Story.

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Episode 302:
Composer Anne Nikitin Discusses Her Work

For the second week in a row, we welcome a female composer to Soundtracking, which is a delight, given the underrepresentation of women in the industry.

Anne Nikitin’s star is very much on the rise, after she made her big breakthrough working with Bart Layton on The Imposter and American Animals. She has several exciting projects on the go, including the prequel to Dangerous Liaisons.

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Episode 301:
Pinar Toprak On The Music Of Lost City

Our latest guest on Soundtracking is a returning composer who has fast become one of the hardest working and most sought after talents in the business.

Pinar Toprak’s latest efforts can be heard on the light hearted jungle romp, The Lost City, but she’s also got a number of exciting projects in the pipeline and is fresh from conducting Billie Eilish and Finneas’s performance of No Time To Die at the Oscars.

It’s an absolute delight to hear her talk about her craft.

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Episode 300!!!:
Joachim Trier On The Music Of The Worst Person In The World

We’re 300! Wow. Thanks so much for all your continued support. It means the world to us and we wouldn’t be here without you.

To celebrate, we’re joined by a Norwegian writer/director whose wonderful film The Worst Person In The World was up for an Oscar in the Best Foreign Film category, missing out to the Japanese road movie, Drive My Car.

Joachim Trier has received widespread acclaim for his black-comedy drama, which tells the story of Julie as she tries to navigate the troubled waters of her love life and career.

It has an absolutely brilliant soundtrack, and you’ll hear plenty of examples from it.

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Episode 299:
Craig Roberts On The Music Of The Phantom Of The Open

We have a friend of the show returning to Soundtracking this week in the shape of Craig Roberts – who has directed a British indie film that Edith absolutely loves.

The Phantom of The Open was written by Simon Farnaby, and tells the unlikely true story of Maurice Flitcroft – an excellent hoaxer and terrible golfer who posted the worst ever score recorded at an Open Championship when he contrived to take part in qualifying for the event in 1976. Mark Rylance and Sally Hawkins head a strong cast, while the film is scored by another friend of the show, Isobel Waller-Bridge.

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Episode 298:
Domee Shi & Lindsey Collins On The Music Of Turning Red

Our latest guests on Soundtracking are Pixar animator, writer and director, Domee Shi, and producer Lindsey Collins, who’s new project together is the wonderful Turning Red.

Streaming now on Disney + Turning Red tells the story of a 13-year-old Chinese-Canadian student who transforms into a giant red panda when she gets into a heightened emotional state.

It’s scored by our old friend Ludwig Goransson, and you will, of course, hear plenty of his music throughout the conversation.

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Episode 297:
Paul Thomas Anderson Talks Music

We can’t quite believe the run of guests we’ve had on Soundtracking, what with Andrew Garfield, Dave Grohl and Jonny Greenwood among those who’ve joined us in recent weeks.

But when it comes to marrying music and film, Paul Thomas Anderson is right up there with Scorsese and Tarantino as a master of the art. His latest movie, Licorice Pizza, is not only a delight to behold, but also chock full of needle drops.

He talks all things music, including his relationship with the aforementioned Mr Greenwood.

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Episode 296:
Jonny Greenwood On His Film Scores

Legend alert! Our latest guest on Soundtracking is not only the lead guitarist, keyboardist and instrumentalist of one of the greatest bands on planet Earth, but has also transitioned with huge success into the realms of movie scoring.

Jonny Greenwood has formed a formidable partnership with Paul Thomas Anderson since providing the music for There Will Be Blood, and has also worked with Lynne Ramsay, Pablo Larrain and Jane Campion – who are esteemed company indeed. He’s also one of the most understated and humble people you could ever wish to meet.

We’ll get into his collaborations with all these great filmmakers during the course of the conversation, and sprinkle plenty of his music throughout.

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Episode 295:
Andrew Garfield Talks Tick, Tick, Boom

We continue our bumper run of guests on Soundtracking with a man who’s up for an Oscar this month in the Best Actor category.

Andrew Garfield delivers a knockout performance as Jonathan Larson in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical biopic Tick Tick Boom, as you can see for yourself on Netflix. It’s always a joy chatting to him, though if you haven’t seen the latest Spiderman film, we should say this interview contains a major spoiler.

Amazingly, Andrew has never been required to sing for a project before, not that you’d know it.

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Episode 293:
Dave Grohl Talks Studio 666

Rock ‘n’ roll royalty joins Edith for the latest episode of Soundtracking, as Dave Grohl discusses his comedy horror Studio 666 among many other things.

Featuring all six members of The Foo Fighters as themselves, Studio 666 is a pretty bonkers yarn about the band recording an album in an old mansion possessed by evil spirits. As you might imagine, carnage ensues!

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Episode 293:
Adam McKay On The Music Of Don’t Look Up

We’re starting a bumper run of Soundtracking episodes in the coming weeks, with two shows a week for the foreseeable future, including conversations with PTA, Dave Grohl & Jonny Greenwood. Eesh!

Today, it’s the turn of writer, director, producer and all round legend, Adam McKay. He is FANTASTIC company, and we have an absolute ball discussing the music in his latest film, Don’t Look Up, which is scored by our dear friend, Nicholas Britell.


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Episode 292:
Bryce Dessner & Joe Wright On The Music Of Cyrano

It’s another double-header for you, with two returning guests to Soundtracking. First up, it’s Bryce Dessner from the National, who composed the score and music for Cyrano with his brother, Aaron. Then it’s the man who directed this latest interpretation of the classic tale, Joe Wright, who is always a joy to speak to.

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Episode 291
Ariana DeBose On West Side Story

Our latest guest on Soundtracking is an actress, singer and dancer who dazzled us all in Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of West Side Story.

Ariana DeBose’s performance as Anita has already seen her win a Golden Globe – and she’s also been nominated for an Oscar and Bafta among many other accolades.

It was an absolute delight to catch up with her – Ariana really is a thoroughly sparky and likeable character.

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Episode 290:
Maggie Gyllenhaal & Dickon Hinchliffe On The Music Of The Lost Daughter

Our latest guests on Soundtracking are actor and now writer/director Maggie Gyllenhaal and composer Dickon Hinchliffe, who join us to discuss their collaboration on The Lost Daughter.

Available on Netflix, The Lost Daughter stars Olivia Coleman, Dakota Johnson and Jessie Buckly, and is – among many other things – a genuinely powerful meditation on the trials and tribulations of motherhood. We absolutely love it – and can guarantee music lovers will LOVE this conversation

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Episode 289:
Garth Jennings On Bono & The Music Of Sing 2

Our latest guest on Soundtracking is a friend of the show, returning to discuss his sequel to a massive family favourite in households across the globe – not least Edith’s.

Garth Jennings found a winning formula with his joyous animation, Sing, and has thankfully managed to recreate it with Sing 2. In addition to an all-star cast reprising their roles from the first film, Garth also managed to persuade none other than Bono to play a reclusive rock star and allow him to rework some classic U2 songs. He shares a couple of lovely anecdotes about that too …

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