Last week I had the absolute pleasure of talking with Isobel Waller-Bridge for Soundtracking. As we were discussing all the things that were helping us through self isolation, she pointed out that she’d been listening to ‘Rambling Man’, from Laura Marling’s 2010 album, ‘I Speak Because I Can’. I had a sudden rush of excitement to revisit this gorgeous piece of work, something that had been misplaced in my head for quite some time. Both Isobel and I, immediately longing for new material from Laura. As if by magic, the very next morning I opened my emails and there, in my in-box, was a message from someone from her label, with a link to a new album. What an incredible piece of music, what a beautiful and heartfelt story she was written. This feels like a very good example of what an album can really achieve, take you on a journey both emotionally and sonically from start to finish. Please find the time to enjoy it from start to finish, without any interruptions and then you’ll want to go back and do it all over again. Thank you Laura.